How to set up a DNS Zone for email and web hosting

This guide contains instructions on how establish your DNS zone file and include records for email (MX) and web hosting (A and CNAME).  For the below example, we'll assume you have a website and email hosted on an Entity Data Virtual Server and that the IP address of the server is

You must have a DNS Manager account with Entity Data.
You have a Web Hosting package or Virtual Server hosting a website and email.

How-to Steps:

1. Log into DNS Manager and click 'Add DNS Zones', under 'Tools'.

2. Enter the 'DNS Zone Name', e.g., and then in the 'DNS Zone Template' field below, select 'WEB_&_MAIL [Forward] Global Template', and click 'Ok'.

On the next screen you'll see all the records created by the template as follows:     A       A              NS    P           NS              NS              A              MX      5

NB: The NS records are set and do not need to be updated but you will need to enter the correct IP addresses for the remaining records.

4. Update the IP address for '' to reflect:

This can be done by clicking the 'Edit DNS Record' (Icon to the extreme right of the record) and then updating the 'IP Address' field and clicking 'Ok'.

Repeat this process for the '  A' record also.

5. We're going to change the 'www' to a CNAME to reflect the following: CNAME

Click the 'Edit DNS Record' icon and then in the 'Select record type' field, select 'CNAME'.  In the 'Zone Canonical Name' field, enter: and click 'Ok'.

6.  Finally, the MX record is already configured correctly, as email is hosted on the same server as the website and we have already updated the record to point to the server's IP address.

You should then review that all records are correct and update the name server delegations with your domain registrar in order to set the zone live.

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