How To Backup Your Website with cPanel

How-to Steps:

1. Log into the cPanel account of your website (

2. Under the "Files" heading, click the 'Backup Wizard' icon.

3. Click the 'Backup' button and then click 'Full Backup'.

Note: You can only use this to move your account to another server, or to keep a local copy of your files. You cannot restore Full Backups through your cPanel interface.

4.1. To save a copy of your website to the web server:
 a) Select Home Directory from the Backup Destination menu.
 b) Enter your email address.
 c) Click Generate Backup. You will receive an email once the backup is complete.

Note: The date the backup was created appears in the filename (which begins with backup-MM-DD-YYYY). The file will be stored as a “tarball,” or compressed data file, with the file extension .tar.gz.

4.2. To download a full backup to your computer:
 a) Under Backups Available for Download, select the backup file you’d like to save to your computer.

Note: The file will be saved as a “tarball,” or compressed data file with the filename extension .tar.gz. The date the backup was created appears in the filename (which begins with backup-MM-DD-YYYY).

4.3. Store a backup file remotely

Note: The Full Backup screen can also use FTP/SCP to log into a remote computer and save the backup there.

a) Select a protocol.
b) Enter an email address to receive the notification that the backup is complete.
c) Fill out the required information: the remote server IP, the login username and password, port number, and remote directory where you wish to save the file.
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