How To Request A Firewall Change

This guide contains instructions on how to request a firewall change.

1. You must have an active Virtual or Dedicated Server Hosting plan with Entity Data that includes the Managed firewall option.

How-to Steps:

1. Go to and submit a new support ticket.

2. The ticket should contain your server's primary IP and the firewall change request in the following format:


For example: Let's say you wish to enable cPanel (port:2083) access to your server (IP: from anywhere on the internet.  You would submit:

ANY | | 2083 | TCP

3.  You can also include multiple changes in one ticket, or use a range of IP's in the one rule: /24 | | 21 | TCP

This would enable FTP access from any IP in the 100.100.100.x range, to the following IP's on your server:
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