Create a subdomain

Create a subdomain in cPanel

A subdomain is a method of creating a sub section or off shoot of your primary website. Subdomains are similar to regular domain names except that they use your main domain name as a base. For example, if your domain is domain.tld a sub-domain of your domain might be blog.domain.tld.

Follow the instructions below to create a subdomain in your cPanel Hosting Account.

  1. Log into your cPanel Linux hosting plan.
  2. Click the subdomains icon.
  3. Type in the name of your subdomain in the Subdomain field.
  4. Modify the Document Root field as required.
    The document root is the directory on the server that you wish to point your subdomain to
  5. Click [Create]

Create DNS A Record

If you DNS is hosted elsewhere you will need to create an A record for the subdomain pointing to the IP address of your hosting plan. If your DNS is hosted with Entity Data the appropriate DNS record should have been automatically created when you created the subdomain. However, it's recommended to double check this in the "DNS Zone Editior" of your cPanel account.

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