How to set up disk & traffic limits using Packages

This guide contains instructions on setting up packages so you can assign disk usage limits and data traffic quotas.  In this guide we will focus only on the disk and data limits, though there are many other elements that can be restricted.  It is important to set up and assign packages for your cusotmers to ensure their websites do not soak up all the disk space on your server and cause it to crash.  In the below example we will apply a 1GB disk limit and 10GB of data traffic.

How-to Steps:

1. Log into WHM and click "Packages" on the Home screen.  Then click "Add a package".

2. Name your package so you are fimiliar with the limits is will apply.

3. Under the Resources heading, you'll see:

Disk Quota (MB) - Unlimited

Monthly Bandwidth (MB) - Unlimited

4. Uncheck "Unlimited" and fill in the fields to reflect the following:

Disk Quota (MB) - 1024MB

Monthly Bandwidth (MB) - 10240MB

5. Leave all other options as their defaults and click the "Add" button at the bottom of the screen to create the package.

You can repeat this as necessary, asjusting the quantities for as many different packages as you need.

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